Mustang II Front Suspension and the T-Bucket

Mustang II Front Suspension IFS T-Bucket

The Mustang II Front Suspension is often overlooked as a T-Bucket component, but under the right circumstances and when done correctly can offer some interesting comfort and performance benefits. Street rodders started using the Mustang II front suspension shortly after the Mustang II was introduced in 1974. Today, the Mustang II Front Suspension is without… [Read More]

Indianapolis 500 Inspired T-Bucket Hot Rods: Chauvin Emmons’ Legacy

Chauvin Emmons Indianapolis 500 T-Bucket roadster

The Indianapolis 500 is known as “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” for good reason. But, I’m not talking about the pre-, during- and post-race revelry that occurs in the parking lots. And it’s not known as the Greatest Spectacle for what starts happening on the streets leading to the track at the crack of dawn… [Read More]

Fiberglass T Bucket Body History

Fiberglass T Bucket Body Curt Hamilton Cal Automotive

We take the fiberglass T-Bucket body for granted. It seems like they’ve always been around, in abundance and economically priced: the ideal starting point for an exciting, budget hot rod.

T Bucket Black Beauty at Chicago World of Wheels “Tee Party”

Randy Krnac T-Bucket Chicago 2013 World of Wheels

Among the select group of T Buckets invited to exhibit in the “Tee Party” at the 2013 Chicago World of Wheels, was the black beauty of Randy Krnac of Plainfield, Illinois. Randy’s T Bucket is a great example of how relatively subtle design elements can come together to produce an eye-popping T Bucket that has… [Read More]